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Clanton's Peach Water Tower

While traveling along 1-65 to Clanton, Alabama, at Exit 212, you will see a newly erected landmark in the shape of a large mouth-watering peach! As a tribute to Chilton County for its bountiful peach industry, the City of Clanton and Clanton Water Works & Sewer Board in a combined effort with business contributors, erected a 120 foot 500,000 gallon peach water tower tank.

The tank was built upon 114.7 yards of concrete with 11,550 pounds of steel. The weight of the tank without the water is 349,000 pounds and when water is added, the weight adds another 4,186,000 pounds to the structure. The tank is built to withstand 100 MPH winds.

The greatest achievement occurred as the artist began to paint. As the shading was added, the peach took on a lovely fruitful characteristic. When the job was completed, the largest Chilton County peach stands above and represents our love of Chilton County peaches.

If you are traveling down 1-65, stop and view our new attraction, and then come into town and enjoy our southern hospitality, we would love to visit with each of you!

Featured Products
Raw pecan halves
good for cooking
and eating.

Seven flavors of pecans in one tin.
Pecan Logs Smooth creamy
nougat center covered with
caramel and rolled in pecan pieces