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Peach Festival

Third Weekend in June

Since its beginning in 1947, the Chilton County Peach Festival has grown to be bigger and better. The primary purpose of the Peach Festival is to recognize the peach farmers of the county for the vital role they play in the economy of Chilton County.

Archie Ogburn, a banker in Thorsby, is the father of the Chilton County Peach Festival. His dream was to have a festival which recognized the peach growers and their labor and product, the peach, to Chilton County. He also wanted the world to know about Chilton County peaches.

From its meager beginning at Thorsby Institute, which included the selection of a Peach Queen and a Peach Auction, Ogburn's dream did come true and the Peach Festival tradition lives on.

Today the Peach Festival is sponsored by the Clanton Jaycees

The following is a list of Peach Festival events:

Peach Queen Pageant
Chilton County High School Auditorium-Thursday & Friday, 7p.m.

Peach Parade - Clanton, beginning and ending at Jack Hayes Park
The parade features the Peach Queen, Junior Miss Peach and Little Miss Peach, along with their courts; bands, clowns, the Shriners, Confederate troops plus much, much more.

Peach Auction - Jack Hayes Park, Clanton
This is where the peach growers "show their stuff." Peach growers enter their peaches to be judged. The top five winners receive cash awards. After the awards are presented the baskets of peaches are auctioned off. A prize winning basket of peaches has sold for over $2,000. The governor of Alabama, who almost always attends the Peach Festival, receives the prize winning basket of peaches.

Peoples Savings Bank Art Show - Lobby of Peoples Savings Bank, Clanton
Running Thursday through Saturday, this show features art work pertaining to peaches. Contact Roy Wood at 755-2240

American Legion Bar-B-Q - Clanton Park

Blackwood Brothers Concert - Clanton Airport

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